Result of Lucky Draw


West Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya, India - 793109
Result of Lucky Draw
Drawing Date 19 April, 2017
Sl. No. Types of Prize Ticket Number
1st Prize: Renualt KWID 02140 Claimed
2nd Prize: Yamaha Scooty

00320 Unclaimed

Re-Draw on 22-May-2017 Winner is 06681 - Claimed
3rd Prize: Laptop (DELL) 04111 Claimed
10 Nos. of Consolation Prize: 3G Smartphone
Sl. No. Ticket Number
1. 23841 Claimed
2. 25574 Claimed
3. 08433 Claimed
4. 10646 Claimed
5. 10553 Claimed
6. 17788 Claimed
7. 09917 Claimed
8. 19304 Claimed
9. 29827 Claimed
10. 17833 Claimed

N.B: Tickets buyer of Lucky Draw of Nongtalang College are hereby informed/requested not to throw away their Tickets because if no one claims the Prizes already won/draw within one month from the date of announcement of the result i.e. from 19-April-2017 till 18-May-2017 the unclaimed prizes will be Re-draw. Therefore keep holding your tickets with you.

Lucky DrawThe unclaimed 2nd Prize of the LUCKY DRAW of Nongtalang College will be Re-Draw today the 22nd May, 2017 at Remusan Ground, Nongtalang at 05:00PM IST

Lucky Draw